Kaygee Contractors
Instrumentation and Electrical Contractor

Our Services

We are doing all form of electrical erection like transformers, switchgear, motors, motor control centres, protection, metering and monitoring cubicles, lighting, instruments and controls pulling the cables, laying cable trays and conduit and connecting the electrical wiring of a project.

Electrical Erection works

  • Transformer Erections - All capacities of Transformers like 630 KVA to 350 MVA.
  • Transformer Oil Filtration - We have 2.5KL, 6KL, 10 KL Filtration Plant.
  • Circuit Breaker Erection – Generator circuit breaker, SF6 Breaker, VCB etc
  • Bus Ducts Erections – IPBD, SPBD, NSPBD
  • Motors Erections – ALL HT Motors, and LT Motors
  • Tray Erection – Trays at different sizes like (100,150,250,300,450,600,700) FRP & GRP Tray, GI Ladder Tray, Angle Tray.
  • Cable Laying – All size of HT cable and LT cables, control Cables. Laying in Underground and Pipe Racks.
  • Panel Erections – All HT Panels and LT Panels, control panels.
  • Battery Erection – All types of Batteries used in Industries.
  • Lighting Works – Industrial Illumination works –Building Illumination, Street light poles erection, High mask lighting pole erection, Area lighting.

Testing and Commissioning

  • Electrical Equipments Testing and Commissioning.
  • Instruments Calibrations

Instrumentation Erection works

  • Instruments Erection - Instruments like Transmitters, Analyzers, Pressure Gauges, Switches, Regulators, Air Headers.
  • Instruments Calibrations
  • Tubing's - Copper tubing (8mm & 12mm) and SS tubing 12 mm.
  • Tray Erection – Trays at different sizes like (100,150,250,300,450,600,700) Perforated Trays
  • Cable Laying - Pair Cables, Core cables, FOC Cables, Telephone cables. Laying in Underground and Pipe Racks.
  • PA Systems Erection
  • FDA Systems Erection
  • EPABX System
  • DCS Panels Erection
  • UPS Systems

Civil works

  • Underground Earth flat laying
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Earth Pit

Getting Electrical Lisences from Chief Electrical Inspector of Government of the state.

  • Tamilnadu
  • Maharastra

Mechanical Fabrication and Erection works

  • Cable Tray support Fabrication and Erection.
  • Panel Base Frames Fabrication and Erection.
  • Structures Erection like Switchyards & Bus Duct structures, wireless communication Towers.